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Active Bolt keeps over 35,000 square feet of inventory so that we can meet your most immediate fastener needs.

Call us at (901) 523-1557 or email for pricing and availability. Don't see your part here or don't know the name? Submit a description and/or photo using our contact form and we'll get back to you with more information as soon as possible. Please ask us about custom fasteners, custom length rod, and Dacromet® coating.

See our Bins page for information on fastener bin purchasing and restocking.

Products we carry include but are not limited to:


Hex Cap Screws
-Grade 2*
-Grade 5*
-Grade 8*
-High Tensile/L9®
-Stainless Steel (18-8/304 or 316)
-Coarse or Fine Thread


-A307 Hex Bolts
-B7 Hex Bolts
-Carriage Bolts* (Grade A, Grade 5)
-Elevator Bolts
-Eye Bolts
-Flange Bolts* (Grade 5, Grade 8)
-Hanger Bolts
-Plow Bolts
-Square Head Bolts
-Structural Bolts
-Tap Bolts* (Grade A, Grade 5)

-U Bolts


-Concrete Screws
-Drop In Anchors
-Lag Shields
-Nail-In Anchors
-Plastic Anchors
-Sleeve Anchors
-Titen HD®
-Toggle Wing Anchors
-U Drive Screws^
-Wedge Anchors^

Socket Cap Screws
-Alloy Steel
-Stainless Steel (18-8/304 or 316)
-Standard, Flat, Button, Low Head
-Coarse or Fine Thread


-Drywall Screw
-Lag Screws
-Machine Screws^
-Self-Drilling Screws^
-Self-Tapping (Sheet Metal) Screws^
-Set Screws^

-Thread-Cutting Screws
-Wood Screws


Rods & Studs
-All Thread Rod^
-B7 Rod/Studs

-B8 Studs
-Double End Studs


Metric Fasteners

-Hex Cap Screws*^
-Socket Cap Screws^
-Machine Screws

-Set Screws



-Hex Nuts*^

-Locknuts^ (Nylon, All-Metal)
-Coupling Nuts^

-Flange Nuts

-Jam Nuts*

-Machine Screw Nuts

-Square Nuts

-Structural & Heavy Nuts

-Tee Nuts

-Wing Nuts



-Flat Washers*^

-Fender Washers*^
-Square Washers
-Structural Washers

-Bevel Washers



-Clevis Pins

-Cotter Pins

-Dowel Pins

-Spring/Roll Pins



-Cable Ties
-Grease Fittings
-Electrical Connectors
-JB Weld®




*Zinc-Plated or Plain Finish
^Available in Stainless
†Available Hot Dipped Galvanized


Many parts are available in other materials such as brass, nylon, titanium, and more - don't hesitate to ask!